Another Vacation


In the past 33 yrs. I never took more than a few days off in the summer. This year is different.

My options were usually the week before Labor day, opting for a couple of sessions at the US Open and a couple of days to resorts in New England with family. And of course I was also semi accessible. Maybe not 24×7, but I checked in a couple of times a day. Sometimes I even took a conference call and I cleaned out email every night when everyone else was sleeping or watching TV.

This year is different. I am taking some time before the 4th of July. I am playing a few rounds of golf and enjoying the beautiful weather. I am recharging the batteries and as my recent post noted, doing as little email as possible.

To do this I am going full tilt the next couple of days (remember I set my own schedule)…and then the out of office goes up….

My voice mail will be full and don’t bother sending a receipt read notice on your messages….

A vacation means that….no work….maybe those other times I thought I was on vacation were just a ruse to use my PTO…work never stops for most of us…except this yr.

See you in a few days!




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