I broke 100


My discussion today is about breakthrough performance.I broke a 100 (legit) on Saturday. It’s a milestone for me. An a great life example of perseverance.

If you’re not a golfer you may not know what I am talking about or the significance.

A yr. ago the only record I would be looking to break would be a business one. But time and circumstances change. I have done this a couple of times previously, with a little help from Mr. Mulligan. This was a true 98 and a sign that my perseverance has paid off, that and a set of new irons this winter for my birthday (adding 10- 15 yds. to every shot). For those who don’t partake, these are new clubs used for a majority of shots before you get to putting the ball. In essence they are tools for playing…

Like a runner or swimmer breaking through with a new time, my bar is now reset to go for double digits every round and prove it was not an anomaly.

And that’s the lesson in this accomplishment. I have been working at this for a while, however its only recently that I upped my game by playing more, practicing at the range, using better clubs, and listening to golfers who are a lot better than I.

OK in simple terms: more time, more effort, practice, better tools, and listening to folks who know better or are better than you. That can be true in anything you do. Work, Play, and Life….

The tricky one is practice. Most of us don’t get to do that in our busy days…no matter what the task.

It is a life metaphor though, one of many…



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