1000 Tweets


With the posting of this blog entry on twitter, I will hit my 1,000 tweet mark. For many it takes a few weeks or months. For me 8 yrs. at #HC3

that’s how long I have been on social media, blogging, occasionally tweeting, Facebooking, liking, sharing, and all the rest.

I was an early adopter of social media in business, however I say that with an asterisk*. I wanted my recruitment team at Leviton, specifically Dina Anzalone (one of my HR managers) to push the envelope. We were blogging on recruitment sites primarily visited by Gen-Y, before it was popular. One might say we were ahead of the curve.

Now all this stuff seems a little dated…

A  thousand tweets, sounds like the title of a country music song….

Maybe I will tweet a little more frequently in the next 8 yrs., that is if twitter is still around!


One comment

  1. Mark – I remember those days! Trying to get in to Social Media and use it for employment branding and candidate attraction. We were ahead of the time 😉 Everything is social now, every company is using it, and there are a lot more social media outlets than ever before. Congrats on your 1000 Tweets. Blog on! LOL

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