Rigor and Grit – 2016’s Favorite Buzzwords


They were probably 2015’s favorite Leadership words too, carried over to 2016. Like “engagement” in 2014 and “culture” in 2013…Leaders like buzzwords. And HR has to adopt and weave them into their everyday vernacular.

Rigor and grit have been used for a long time. Now they are hot. Did you listen to the speakers at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this week…how many times did you hear “grit” mentioned about Hilary Clinton????

How about your recruiters favorite new angle on behavioral questions – Does your applicant have the “rigor” to accomplish the demands of the job?

My opinion is most folks don’t have rigor or grit. Those take very long periods of time to earn that distinction. Most everyone I know has business A.D.D.

Most Leaders think they have rigor and grit….until they change direction 3 times in a week.

The attention span of a nat is longer.

Oh, forgot to mention A.D.D. was the hot term in 2011….


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