Two Truth’s and a Lie


Have you played this game? Maybe at a team building event or at a happy hour social.

Business and politics are full of two truths and a lie. It is so bad that the major networks Fact Check candidates regularly. The results are probably more like two lies and a truth.

I am getting a little tired of political babble with little basis in truth. Business is guilty of this too. “Are people are our greatest asset.” Go to any website and you will find this or a variation of as part of each and every organizations manifesto. Truth or lie????

Lets play truth or lie…we will keep it generic….

  1. we want our employees to take all their vacation.
  2. we promote on performance and capability.
  3. we consider ourselves a best place to work.

In your organization which is the lie?

Are you kidding me????

Enough said on this topic for now….


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