Counterfeiting your Life


I constantly read articles lately about bring your “authentic” self to work each day. To be honest,  I am not exactly sure what that means.

I will take a stab at it. Maybe it is not changing your behaviors or putting on an affront at work. Not sure if you can do that even in the best places 100% of the time, however it is an ideal to reach for.

Human beings are interesting creatures. We mimic and copy the behaviors of others around us if we feel that the actions will result positively. One only has to watch professional sports or a music concert to know what those behaviors look like. At work there are actions folks copy too, sometimes unique to one’s organization. We like to lump this in with corporate culture.

Terms like buying in and committing are transposed in place of being a copycat.

I am as guilty as the next person, although I have been a little more independent the past few yrs.

Funny thing is when I am the most authentic is when I have drawn the most criticism.

Can organizations have it both ways?  Can employees be authentic and still be part of the tribe?

I am trying to figure this one out. If you have broken the code, drop me a note and let me know the secret.


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