First Day of School 2016


Tonight is my first  night of teaching for the school yr. As you may know I am a Sr. Adjunct at Adelphi University in their MBA program….yes I teach HR.

I am excited to be back in the classroom after a very long summer. Things are a little slower than I would like and the start of school brings energy and enthusiasm back for a few hours each week. I have been teaching the “765 – HR” class for six yrs. now. Its my 11th time. I could teach it blindfolded, but this yr. I spent some time researching some new material and changed the assignments. Students pay a lot of money to be in my class and they deserve a great class. I have developed a reputation on campus. Students always try to take my class. I always have a waiting list and over enroll the class each semester.

In looking back over the past 6 yrs. I can honestly say I have had so many great students. Most are finance or general MBA students, however I get I.O . Psych and Nursing students too.

I even have a few success stories of Students moving from Accounting to HR . I am proud of my adult scholars and of the University too.

Well gotta go teach…  I will check back with you all in September!!!


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