The Professor Is In


Most professors keep office hours. I do to. Most week days from 830 – 6pm Eastern Time. Of course I work before and after hours too. Just remember sometimes I am “in class” and can’t stop to chat.

If you want to get to me to discuss your needs or to assist in anyway, the best days are the middle of the week (Tuesdays and Weds. are best). If we are LinkedIn you can message me. For those with a closer business relationship email is the method of choice…and of course you can call.

This week I am around a lot as I am prepping to speak this Sunday at the SHRM New York State Conference in Lake Placid. I am reprising my presentation on the important relationship between HR and Finance. I did this at SHRM National twice this past June in Washington DC and originally at the SHRM Long Island  conference last year. Its controversial and a great topic too!!!

The professor is also holding class at Adelphi, school started 2 weeks ago so we are in full swing.

If you have a topic or question that’s worth talking about in public, drop me a note. For those looking for “individualized” tutoring that is fine too. We will keep it off this page.

Have a great week…






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