From Player to “Coach”


It hit me one morning last week that I am no longer a full-time player in the HR space. I am now a “coach”. In Pro sports the transition is usually clear, in business it’s not.

For 30 yrs. I have been leading teams. In retail early in my career, In HR functions across a broad range of industries in the second half. Now for the first time since leaving the Macy’s Executive Training Program fresh out of grad school I am coaching instead of playing.

In many ways it feels the same, lots of mentoring, drawing on ones past experiences, and being the knowledge person in the room. But it is clearly different. I don’t spend endless hours in meetings, I don’t handle the situations  – I advise how to handle them. I don’t internalize or “feel’ the pain when situations arise. I am used to taking the play and executing with my teammates.

There is a certain amount of detachment or depersonalization…..being on the sidelines. Players don’t hang out with the coaching staff either…

I have to admit I miss the action on the inside. Most of my friends who are now coaches say it takes time to get used to. Most of them love being on the other side….I am still working thru it…

Time will tell….




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