The Next Best HR Technology is Actually a Manual Process


Many of my HR brethren have returned from The HR tech conference in Chicago. Each discussing the next best thing in HR tech on Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites.

Well I have the next best thing in HR tech for 2017 and there is no software or hardware involved, unless you count Microsoft Word, Outlook, or your pc and phone.

It’s called DECENCY and RESPECT for your applicants.

And it starts and ends with a little personal involvement.

An acknowledgement, a follow up email, a phone call, a 30 second personal contact…. I know, I know you get hundreds if not thousands of applicants into your ATS system, and your voice and facial recognition software does all the work for you. Maybe your online behavioral assessment kicks out most of your candidates pre-interview.

I am thinking about getting a Patent on being a nice human being and selling my services to HR functions across all industries.

When I was a “Talent” executive back in the late 1990’s at Limited Brands, every candidate I met or spoke to over the phone got a follow up from me, most did not get the job. What they did get was a little dignity and a continued appreciation for the brand. Many continued to shop at our stores, a few even re-applied for other roles later on. A couple even got hired. Some say it was a simpler time, I don’t know about that. Some things that we take for granted today were still manual processes back then.

If a candidate was an employee referral they got a call even if they weren’t right for an interview.

Let’s be clear, I wasn’t sitting on my hands at 450 West 33rd street in NYC. I was interviewing at 730/8am and well into the night to accommodate candidates who couldn’t slip out during working hours. I hired over 60 execs in less than a yr. when we started our own manufacturing group at NY&Co. I had no assistant for recruiting, just me and for 10 weeks that summer a part-time college intern who made scheduling phone calls and did onboarding paperwork. Somehow it all worked, phone calls, follow ups and being decent to candidates.

Maybe the world has changed and I just haven’t, or maybe we have all lowered our standards on being respectful to applicants…

Somehow I think the Limited Brand model of recruitment decency was a winning one….



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