Alien Invasion


It happens to all of us. we have moments where the only explanation is an Alien Invasion. Like the Sci-fi movie; Invasion of the Body Snatchers or more recently the 5th Wave. You know – the aliens take over your mind and body. You sound and look the same, sorta…but your not and eventually strange things start to happen…When you interact with an alien you don’t know it at first, but eventually you figure it out. Alien’s don’t usually think rationally.

My invasions or alien takeovers always seem to happen around the fall, after the weather cools down here in the northeast. My most recent take over lead me to eviscerating a McGraw Hill publishing rep. for continually screwing up college text-book sample orders and my arguing with  some HR folks about volunteer leadership roles locally. This is when Angry Mark appears from hiding. Some call it their dark side, others call it “forgetting to take one’s meds”.

Its a good thing it never happens to me while I am driving.

And I am not very good at apologies…

So fortunately my aliens seem to leave as quickly as they appeared. And I try very hard to repair any damage quickly.

I think some of our Presidential candidates suffered from Alien Invasions this past year. Good thing the election is over .

Do you believe in UFO’s?



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