An On-Line Toxic Cleanse to End the Year


We all hit the point where email and social media just overloads every aspect of our lives. While at the gym this past week I watched how cell phone/PDA’s have taken over every aspect of our lives, even while trying to exercise. Even on the golf course I watch friends check emails and texts between swings. The only place I totally avoid this ritual is when I play tennis once a week. It’s hard to text while hitting a forehand.

So, I am going to try an on-line cleanse for the Month of December. Or at least what’s left of it.

It won’t be a total cold turkey, but it will be significant. It’s been on my mind for quite a while, so I thought this time of year was a perfect time to Detox or at least go on an on-line DIET.

Here are my own self-imposed rules:

1)     Limit checking emails to 4 times a day max (early am, late am, mid- afternoon and after dinner). Once I read it; respond and file, or delete. Attempt to keep all messaging to a twitter length and 2 sentences max. Preferred answers are YES, NO, I will get back to you, here is what you requested (with information). No more than 3 back and forth emails (then a call or face to face).

2)     Social media once a day around lunchtime or during lunch depending on where I am. This includes LinkedIn, Facebook, twitter, and all my favorite reading sites.

3)     Only text family and friends for critical things, and try to move the text to a phone call or in person conversation as much as possible.

4)     Weekends get cut to two email checks.

5)     Turn my computer off completely between checks.

Ok, I know it sounds like I am still going to be on-line, however considering the average person checks their phone for email and texts over 100 times a day and millennials check almost 150 times a day, I think this is very conservative.

I also still read a traditional newspaper and a couple of business magazines so my need to ‘read’ will be partially satisfied with that. My once a day social media consumption will include news catchups. Fortunately, I am not a big Facebook or twitter junky, I only must concentrate to stay away from LinkedIn.

I hope to get some quality time back and put it to better use. I will be back in January to let you know how it went and I will still be writing a couple of Articles for Fistful of Talent to be posted later this month. I also may sneak in one post on year end messaging.

Have a great month!!!


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