Day: January 9, 2017

The search for Recruitment Nirvana.


On a Star Trek episode from the 1960’s the crew picks up a counter culture hippy group of individuals in search of Nirvana. The episode was titled “The Way to Eden”. It was a typical Star Trek episode with a subtle message.  Ultimately, we all find out there is no Nirvana.

Recruiters and Talent execs for years have been searching for their version of Nirvana. Awesome software, near perfect processes and leadership that buys in 100%. And why shouldn’t they search for it.

Software companies have been promising Nirvana for the past decade. Ultimately organizations end up in much the same outcome as the Star Trek episode, although fortunately no one dies in the real-life version.

The result is never Nirvana. It’s a pipedream.

More on this in coming weeks…

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