A Preview Of “The Dark Side of HR”


As many of you know I am presenting at #SHRM2017 in New Orleans in June. Actually I am doing two presentations. Today I want to talk briefly about “The Dark Side of HR”.

My original presentation, “Moneyball for the Talent Function” will be presented in a 75 minute traditional breakout on Monday morning before the main stage speaker. The Dark Side presentation is slotted for after lunch on the Smart stage on Tuesday.

In truth The Dark Side was an afterthought for me. I have always wanted to do a raw tell all presentation, but professionalism, ethics, and legal concerns have always held me back. Well I will be teetering with crossing over to the dark side myself in New Orleans. Don’t worry, I wont break the law or go to a place where I endanger myself. I see myself a bit like Annikan Skywalker.  Do I go red or blue with my light saber…you will have to be there to see which way ……..

In the meantime I have done a full blown preview and trailer for all to see over at fistfuloftalent.com.  It includes my first trailer (more to come leading up to the event). It will appear Monday  1/23/2017 sometime around lunchtime….hope you like it!

As far as Moneyball for the Talent Function, I will be previewing this as we get a little closer to the event. Right now Darkness is my real focus.

Don’t turn off the lights.




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