A Rare Sunday Session


There is no football today, unless you count a meaningless Pro Bowl game. So I am doing a quick post as TIME  is on my side for once.

Sunday is Football Sunday in my home from September to Super Bowl, with the exception of this one weekend off so I thought I would squeeze a quick post in.

I have been writing a lot lately over at Fistful of Talent (FOT) and  just started over at Recruiting Daily. It is cathartic for me to express my ideas and views in print and they both have large reach into the Talent and HR communities. FOT has been my one of my favorite sites for several years. My colleagues there are at the front edge of main stream Talent. They are the All Star team of Talent leadership. If there was an ALL-PRO team for the Talent World, this would be the roster. Folks Like Kris Dunn and Tim Sackett are the Lebron James and Stephen Curry’s of Talent Management ( I am sure Tim as the backup point guard on his over 40 team will like the comparison to him being Curry). My pal Laurie is like Serena Williams, she has been killing it on-line for years. And Dawn, Kelly, Paul, Matt, and the rest of the roster are a formidable team and deserve All Star recognition!

Recruiting Daily is the new frontier of the Talent community. They are like an emerging rock band at the cutting edge of Talent. Think U2 when they did “Sunday Bloody Sunday” or the Police “Synchronicity”.  Quirky and at the tip of the main stream bell curve, they are first to see and report on what is happening now and in the near future. If you want a peak into the future, I highly recommend you follow this site too. I don’t always agree with their views or reviews, however they are fresh and unfiltered. No politically correct concerns on this site.

If you are an HR or Talent pro in search of where to keep up with latest and important ideas and news, I urge you to book mark these sites and visit them often. You won’t be disappointed…

Now go back to your watching the Pro Bowl or the latest episode of Homeland….




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