After the Storm


We had a quick hitting snow storm on Long Island yesterday. Not unusual for this time of year except the day before we hit 61 degrees and I contemplated playing 18 for the first time in 6 weeks….

Snow storms offer an unusual opportunity to reflect and use your time differently then a normal weekday. We waited out the storm in my house for about 8 hours before 4 hours of shoveling and snow  blowing with the exception of clearing a small path in our back yard for my side kick Max (the wonder dog), to do his business outside. I got a lot of “me stuff” done as no one was working. Ok, a few said they were working from home, you know what I mean, watching news 12 weather updates and peaking at CNN to keep abreast of the zany antics in DC.

I spent about 2 hours working my programs for #SHRM2017. For those not in the know, I am doing two presentations at SHRM national in New Orleans this June. It is my 8th time doing National work, along side a half-dozen regional SHRM presentations. This year my presentations are brand spanking new. I am doing a traditional 75 minute on Monday 6/19 at 7am on Money ball for the talent function. I will be talking about this more as we get closer. Both here and on Recruiting Daily and Fistful of talent.

My other presentation is called “the Dark Side of HR”. I will be doing an 18 minute Ted style presentation on the smart stage on Tuesday 6/20 in the afternoon. I am really stoked for this particular presentation as it is so different from anything I have ever done in front of an audience. Yes, I have done DisruptHR , which was a 5 minute quick hitting presentation. That was a great experience. The Dark Side gives me a little bit more time to stretch and talk about taboo material in the world of HR. If you would like a preview click here for a peak that I did on FOT a few weeks ago (click here).

I have been tweeting and sneak peaking in various places the past few weeks too. Keep your eye out for some new previews of both presentations as we get closer.

Well I have to go and do a little more snow clearing….have a great weekend!!!


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