A “Selfie” Interview


Maybe we need to take Selfies to the next level. So Today I am doing a Selfie interview. That’s right, I am interviewing myself, its Sunday and Football season is over…why not?

I wasn’t sure if others would be interested, but then aren’t selfies about you and your personal gratification. Besides, I am better with my writing then with a camera. So here we go:

Mark, what is new and exciting?

Well, I am doing some writing over at #Recruiting daily on their Recruiting Tools section. No, I am not a tool, although after this post I might be considered one. I am also doing a regular turn each month on #Fistfuloftalent (The premier Talent site on the web). These are the two best and visited sites for Talent Execs, so I am humbled to be writing alongside some of the industry’s best and most knowledgeable folks. If you haven’t visited these sites before, when your done with this post, please do. You won’t be disappointed.

We noticed that you have been tweeting more lately

Yeah, it started out without much thought. I had set my LinkedIn sharing section with Twitter and didn’t even realize that folks were retweeting my LinkedIn posts until I did DisruptHR in NYC last January. Then I caught a glimpse on Facebook that a few folks had watched my performance. So now I tweet directly a couple times a day. I am still figuring it out. Call me a “late adopter”. I am sure I will figure it out before some new technology comes around and replaces it. I mean I did figure out the “Myspace” thing eventually. In case you wanted to follow me its @HC3

How was the Disrupt HR experience?

Well as I have stated previously over at FOT, it is an awesome experience. One of the best opportunities to see great new and different ideas. I hope to do one again, maybe in a different local if I can find the time in my schedule.

Talking about speaking opportunities, are you doing any conferences this year?

I am doing something unique. I am doing two different presentations in two different formats’ at #SHRM2017 in New Orleans this June. First I am doing a traditional 75-minute breakout on the topic of Money Ball for the Talent function. It’s Monday 6/19 at 7am. I know it’s very early and many of the attendees may still be strolling Bourbon Street as I start my presentation, but I hope some of the diehards are up and in the audience.

The second presentation is a bit of a stretch for me. Titled “The Dark Side of HR”. I wrote about it over at FOT last month. It is a cool format. 18 minutes on a stage outside of the vendor area. Folks can float in and out. I did a neat 90 second video intro for the talk. If you haven’t seen it click here as it has only previewed up to know on the FOT website. Its in the 3rd paragraph of the post.


Anything Else you want to share before we leave?

No That’s pretty much it for now. Oh, you can follow me at @HC3 on twitter or follow my musings on my personal blog at humancapital3.wordpress.com, on the Fistful of Talent and Recruiting Daily Sites, and occasionally here on LinkedIn too.

I think that covers it for my Selfie interview today. If you made it this far, thanks for reading and hope to see or hear from you soon.

Have a great week!



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