March Madness and Other Distractions

Today is the start of March Madness (16 games). It’s a sports fan smorgasbord of college basketball the next 4 days. For the record I am rooting for Vanderbilt, but have North Carolina in most of my pools winning it all.

It’s my favorite multi-day event, eclipsed only by the Super Bowl and the rare championship when one of my teams is playing (Mets, Islanders, Knicks, Giants). The intrigue is the first two rounds when David can slay Goliath. This year I like Middle Tennessee , Wichita State and St. Mary’s  to advance further then the pundits think… The beauty is you never know who this years VCU or Butler will be. In fact Butler is now part of the main stream top 20 with Gonzaga. So if you work it long enough you can break through.

In the end 2 of the top 10 usually end up in the final. I like NC and Duke, but there are a lot of possibilities (Villanova, Gonzaga, Arizona, Kentucky  and Kansas are all possible).

So please don’t bet based on my own beliefs, bet your own…and enjoy the next 4 days when anything is possible….


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