Sour Grapes Make The Best “Whine”


Yes, my spelling is correct…. Whine or bitching. That is what I was afraid my informative emails and conversations would be viewed as recently.

For those who follow me on Social Media you know that I made the Administration at Adelphi aware of the poor employee treatment of several Business Department Adjunct Professors this past school year (myself included). You can click here to catch up on the discussion.

Another 4 weeks has passed and I did meet with the university’s Provost as mentioned in my previous rant. To be fair it went well, he listened and did  all that I expected including the mia culpa for the President, who in her own words was just too busy to meet with me. The spin was that she wanted to provide me adequate time for a full conversation and did not want to short change me.

Well I still haven’t heard a thing, not a single email, follow up phone call or anything even close. The semester is ending. Several of my colleagues are now taking the conversation to another level. It’s getting serious, the union is involved, there is talk of taking this public and even exploring a union just for the Adjuncts.

My position on Union’s is that I am not a fan and have sat on the opposite side of the table thru the back half of my career. Never could I have imagined shifting positions, but I am seriously doing so. I still believe when management is open, honest and cares about its employees that we don’t need to evoke the “U” word.

Unfortunately, I don’t see a silver lining or a positive resolution in the near term. I suspect this will get at the very least interesting the next few weeks….

I will be back to share outcomes over the summer (if there are any)….

Damn what a great HR case study and I am on the inside of it for a change.

Have a great week…no more whining…..


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