T minus 30 to #SHRM17 in New Orleans


It’s officially 1 month till I walk on Stage in New Orleans at #SHRM17. My first program is “MoneyBall for the Talent Function” on Monday Morning 6/19 at 7am. I am sure I will have a few in the audience with hangovers from their first night in the French Quarter. That’s ok! Just bring a tall cup of Coffee from Cafe Dumond and maybe one for me too. All those with hangovers – we have a special seating section in the bleachers for you!  Also wear your favorite baseball team’s hat. I will be wearing mine (want to guess the team?).


My Second presentation is “The Dark Side of HR” on the Smart Stage on Tuesday a little past 2pm….This one is short, sweet and extra cool. I won’t leave anyone disappointed for giving me 18 minutes of their attention. Just don’t bring your Light Sabers….They have rules in the convention center, but all HR rebels are welcome!!!


In between I will be watching a few speakers and blogging for the SHRM blog squad. You can follow me on the SHRM Blog…and here at HumanCapital3.

And in case your wondering, I will try to fit in 18 with my buddy Jim and might catch a couple of vendor events in the quarter…come on who is kidding who (might???).

Make sure you stop me to chat, introduce yourself and  exchange business cards….and yes I am better looking then the dude in the movie….(check out my tweets on #HC3 and #SHRM17 to learn more).

Can’t wait to see you all In New Orleans!!!


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