Prepping #SHRM17 in New Orleans


It’s less then 2 weeks till I walk on stage in New Orleans at #SHRM17. Most of the work is done. All the logistics (flights, hotel, transfers), some of the events are scheduled too. I am hoping to get 18 holes in on a local course Monday if weather permits. The one thing left is practicing my presentations.

I have taken a different tact this year in prepping for the conference having spent 2 days with the team at OWN THE ROOM grooving my presentation skills. As an aside they are really good! One might think with over 2 dozen major conference presentations the past decade and another 30 plus local presentations I don’t need much work on this. But that is the furthest from the truth. I am becoming a student of presenters and their nuances that make a difference between good and memorable.

I have had 2 presentations over the yrs. that hit the memorable level. The first was accepting the SHRM National Human Capital Leader of the Year award in Tampa 10 yrs ago. It was the largest crowd I have ever presented to (over 1300 folks), maybe the shortest presentation (8 minutes), and the most meaningful professionally. I was raw but every word was genuine. It was a B- for pure presentation but an A+ for passion.

The other memorable presentation was 6 yrs. ago at SHRM national in Atlanta when my computer dropped dead 20 minutes into my presentation in front of a room of 600. I had to wing it for the next 40 minutes and ended up receiving the highest audience scores of any presentation I have ever done. The lesson here was know your material so well that you can do it blind with no back up on the screen.

In between all the other presentations ranged from decent to really good, but short of memorable for the audience or myself.

This yr. in New Orleans I want to leave an impression on the audience. I think of the two presentations I am doing, the Dark Side of HR on the Smart Stage Tuesday has the better chance of accomplishing this. The content is controversial and it should definitely resonate with the audience….

I also have experimented with my opening and will use video to walk on stage, it is a calculated risk but ‘no risk, no reward‘, so I am going for it.

The Money Ball presentation is in much more of a conventional “Mark presentation” format, just new material for me. I am sure I will nail it ( I am confident) , just not sure to what extent a 7am audience is going to take from it…let you know in a couple of weeks….

I am looking forward to seeing many of you there. Oh I also think they are video taping the Dark Side presentation, so I will make sure to post it when available too!


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