Dressing for Success or at least to Speak at #SHRM17


Decisions Decisions. What to wear on Stage for 600 folks on Monday or 200 on Tuesday with the video cameras rolling. I used to be a fashionista 20 yrs ago when I worked at Macy’s and Century 21 stores early in my career. A deep employee discount and access to one of a kind bargains will do that.

Lately it is the opposite. Working from my home office and a smattering of video conferences make it easy to wear sweats, shorts or what ever I feel like. I have even gone as far as  wearing a nice shirt and tie with shorts on video calls…just keep the camera aimed chin high…

But now it’s conference season and the #SHRM17 conference in New Orleans is as big as they get in the HR world…So I have a pocketful of new business cards and an extra large suite case all set for this 4 day trip. Its also hot and Muggy in June in NOLA so I figure at least 2 outfits a day.

But back to my main point, what to wear? I have gone from ultra formal to jeans and a jacket with everything in between….this yr. I will probably go with a summer sport jkt. and something nice for Monday and a little more daring for Tuesday on the Smart stage.

I even did a couple of new head shots for my various websites…it was time for an update…

Anyway I never though I would be talking fashion on my blog, but HEY why not….

see you in New Orleans, Oh bring your favorite team’s hat to Money Ball on Monday and some caffeine too (its at 7am)….


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