A Quick “Catch” Up


I have not written anything directly for this blog in a while, so I thought I would catch my followers up on what’s new and what’s not.

First the Fall semester has begun and I am teaching 2 grad HR classes in the MBA program at Adelphi. My students are awesome and I just agreed to having Geico sponsor a class research project in my Selection/Recruitment class. More on this in future posts.

I am still dealing with the run off of poor administrative management at the school. My latest update is a couple of union meetings with other adjuncts who are similarly upset.  I have a meeting finally with the President in a few days. Only 8 months from my original correspondence. So much for a sense of urgency, but let’s give it the benefit of the doubt until afterwards…maybe there is good reason or rational. I will be updating you on this too.

My business endeavors include acting as the Chief Talent Officer for a VC backed start up and part-time Senior HR strategist for a major catering business near my home. I am still doing work for Signium and recently completed an international compensation project in Ireland.

On the speaking front, I have two engagements in the fall. One speaking at a regional SHRM conference and the other speaking in Chicago at the Paylocity User conference. The topics for both is Money Ball for the Talent Function, a revised encore of my SHRM presentation in New Orleans this past June. I have a few conferences in the oven for next Spring, with brand new content. I will keep you posted on dates and local.

I continue to write for Fistful of Talent and am now a regular contributor on the SHRM national blog. This may be one of the reasons I have been absent from my own site, but will make a concerted effort to start writing my own stuff once again as the summer comes to end.

Finally, my golf game has finally improved to a point where I am finally playing double instead of triple digit scores. Barely, but I will take 96-99 scores regularly if I can. The goal is to get to a 90-93 level in the future. My Tennis season  (season # 17 with the same group) is starting this week and I am looking forward to Pro Football  after my Met’s self-destructed this past summer.

Well that’s it for now, I think your all caught up.

If you need any HR consulting, Strengths programs (Gallup), or project work, please reach out!


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