Day: February 7, 2018

Now That Football Is Over, What do I do with my Sundays?


It is that time of year again. The time between Superbowl Sunday and the start of March Madness. For those not in the know, selection Sunday is March 11th this year. That is a few weeks away. Five weeks to be exact….

It is the one time of year without and serious sports to watch unless you are a die hard and enjoy late season basketball and hockey, or spring training baseball.

For me it is time to get caught up on both personal and professional stuff. A free 5 weekends without good weather to explore the outdoors. This yr. I will be prepping 2 conferences that I will be speaking at: the SHRM Legislative in DC March 12-14 and SHRM Talent in Vegas 5 weeks later. I also have to put together 2 midterm exams for classes I am teaching at Adelphi.

Maybe I will get a movie or two in as well. Maybe I will be tormented.

Hope your being productive or at least not tormented.

I can’t wait for Baseball Season to start….