Are HR Folks Double Agents?


A recent Tech crunch article titled: HR has lost the trust of employees. Here is who has it now by Danny Crichton this weekend is creating lots of buzz in the HR and Talent space for good reason.

It suggests transparency for the inner workings of your organization… by passing over HR altogether.  The relatively new App called Blind is the culprit. The concept is to anonymously discuss issues outside the line of site of your HR team…

The article provides a compelling argument on the role and motives of your HR function in dealing with Employee Issues. Are they Double Agents???

Fact or Fiction???

Here are a couple of snippets:

 Crichton states:

The obvious reality is that HR has never been “your friend.” Rather, it is an important component of a company’s legal strategy to document and mitigate any potential lawsuits that might arise from its employees, contractors, or anyone else who may interact with the firm. Occasionally, that mission might align with friendliness: HR may defuse a fight between two colleagues both to prevent legal troubles as well as to make the workplace more productive.


Few apps have had as much of an impact on workplace communications as Blind, an anonymous social network of current company employees and alums. The app, which was founded in South Korea roughly five years ago, was first launched in the US in late 2015, and since then has seen tremendous success in building footprints at some of the largest and most important American companies.

From its homepage, the company says that it has more than 37,000 users from Microsoft, 20,000 users from Amazon and 8,600 users from Google, as well as employees from more than 3,000 other companies on its platform today (at least signed up). While the app spans industries, the tech industry remains the company’s DNA, as the founding team came from Naver, the South Korean search and content giant.

What do you think?

Is this the beginning of a shift in Workplace communication or just another momentary blip on the radar screen??? What impact will this have on the role of HR in the future? 




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