Month: May 2018

Writing for an Audience of One



This past week I had a blog post rejected for publication. It is not the first time this has happened. I write for 3 sites (SHRM, Fistful of Talent, and Recruiting Daily), plus my own site right here at Human Capital 3.0. It does not happen that often, however in fairness it was the right thing to do. And more often then not having a post rejected is for a good reason (at least on the sites I contribute to).

Here is the back story: I had written a snarky but true post for the SHRM blog relating to the upcoming conference and put 2 controversial statements into the dialogue. First, I referenced a sexual apparatus from the movie Austin Powers (see picture above*) and second I stated “leave the Kids home” and really think about leaving the spouse home too.

When I wrote it, I was writing as if I was the audience, not the audience that hits the site daily. Now if this had been FOT or Recruiting Daily, they would have said…Let it rip!, but this was SHRM…and they spend a lot of money on their annual conference. They also make it accessible for folks to bring the family along and do side trips. So regardless of my opinion, they have a large and diverse population to serve. Leaving children or a spouse home may not be an easy option. Plus it is in Chicago. Now I have been to the windy city maybe 30 times on business over the yrs., but if your from South Dakota or Montana that may not be the case (or any of the other 47 states less Illinois). It is surprising how many professionals have rarely or never ventured more then 100 miles from their home…

It was a valuable lesson as a writer and blogger. Don’t forget who your audience is. And except for this site, it is not me.

For your reading pleasure here is the original post (enjoy!):

10 Things NOT to Bring to #SHRM18

Ok, a little reverse thinking is not a bad idea. So here are 10 things to leave home or avoid at #SHRM18. We already know what we should bring and do. Now here is an insider’s perspective on editing out some things.

But before we begin, this may be an ‘R’ rated post so please do not read in a public area!

  1. Anything that Homeland Security will ponder over as you go thru security. Think Austin Powers waking up from cryogenic sleep. Ok, if you don’t know what I am talking about, watch the movie. If you do…then just don’t. Enough said…and you don’t want to start the conference off with an embarrassing moment.
  2. Leave the little and big one’s home. I am talking about your kids. It is a business event and changing diapers or dealing with adolescent meltdowns do not lead to fruitful conference experiences. If you must, find things to keep them busy without you…
  3. Leave the spouse or significant other home too. This one is optional. Last yr. our local chapter president’s husband tagged along, and we got 18 holes in on the second day of the conference. It was 94 (not just the temp but the humidity too, but it was a PGA course!). Ok, Chicago isn’t geared to golfers…so you will have to flip a coin on this one. By the way I broke a 100 (a 98) so it was worth it…he shot 84 and said it was worth it too…
  4. Your weekly staff meeting. Take a flyer on this at all costs. You know if you take part it will only lead to follow up work and your trying to hit as many sessions as possible will be compromised. Cancel or have a proxy to take notes.
  5. A full schedule. The best conference experiences are in part who you meet and the side bars. We will talk about the other kinds of “bars” in a couple of minutes.
  6. Pre-conceived notions. Many speakers will push the boundaries of conventional wisdom. Yours truly included. This is a great opportunity to change or augment your view points.
  7. Uncomfortable shoes, oh the other list’s talked at nauseum about this…so I will leave it there.
  8. Too many outfits, oh see # 7
  9. Sleeping in each morning. The best speakers are early. Whether it be the Mega sessions at 7am or the key notes right after. You can sleep on the plane going home.
  10. Your Diet. There are a lot of opportunities to eat and drink. Even if your strict, this is one time to figure out where you can give a little. Plus, there is a fund raiser with the SHRM foundation for most Steps. So, bring your Fitbit, sneakers, and an appetite to burn some extra calories. SHOOSH, don’t tell anyone I mentioned this…last yr. I lost a couple of pounds and we were in New Orleans. I hope I can do the same this yr. too. Well I may need to stay on the diet for most of the conference…we will see…

Any way hope this helped. As I like to say “Less is More” …see you all in Chicago!


Any way, well intention’d but poorly executed….