Paying It Forward, Paying It Back at #SHRM18


You know the 2000 Movie with Haley Joel Osment and an All Star cast. A student takes his teacher up on paying it forward in real life….

Well I loved this tear jerker. I truely believe we all need to pay it forward and we also need to pay back the “ecosystem”  of work and life for our successes too.

I’m back from #SHRM18 in Chicago with a successful 4 days presenting twice, tweeting for SHRM (did you hear I made the top 44 tweet list?), blogging, and taking in this massive event…

I met some very cool up and comers in the HR social media space. Claire Petrie, Janelle Rodriguez, Jazmine Wilkes, Ivette Dupuis, and Cecilia Clarke to name a few…there the future of HR and it is incumbent on me and a few other veterans to make sure the baton gets past properly.

Janelle covered my last HR Jedi tour on twitter and did a pre-conference interview. She even took photos of me on the Smart Stage at the conference.  These rising HR stars along with about 2 dozen other new and rising HR folks, many on the SHRM blog squad, are the future of the HR profession…

They all are paying it forward…while I am spending my twilight yrs. paying it back. 

It seems natural, like the movie the lion king and proverbial “circle of life”

My role in the future is to be more responsive to the next generation…I need to focus on this….along with a handful of veterans….I was a little self-centered this year at conferences…that needs to change…consider it a work in process.

I’ll be back to talk about this in coming weeks!!!


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