It’s the Allstar Break, Catching Up with HC3


It’s been a while since I have posted here. And it’s the half way mark in the baseball season too. So, lets catch you all up on happenings at Human Capital 3.0.

First the major portion of the Last HR Jedi Tour is complete. Successful presentations at SHRM conferences in DC, Vegas and most recently Chicago went well. I know I made the SHRM top speaker list at Talent and am waiting on Legislative and Annual. I had 1400 plus at my Decisions breakout at the Annual too!!! About 3k practitioners saw me at the 3 events, that’s a lot of HR folks.

I continue to write for and am contemplating a podcast channel with a partner…Stay tuned for updates.

I am teaching a graduate HR class at Adelphi this summer and taking a data analytics class online to get savior on the topic…teaching and being taught…

I made a lot of new friends with the blog squad at #SHRM18. There all prolific in their own right! Love you all…!!!

I have been tweeting more recently too. I made the top 44 list for tweeting at the annual conference…that’s a big deal given my limited tweet reach!

So, what is ahead for the summer and early fall?

Well I will be doing 2 presentations at the NY State conference on September 23 and 24th

I am doing a few Sexual harassment trainings over the next couple of the months as well! Please contact me if you are a NYS business that needs compliance training, we are set to go on this!!!

My golf handicap is getting close to being under 30 on the links…. a few weeks more to stay under 100 consistently….

I am doing DisruptHR on LI in October…can you say, “Lets make HR sexy”?

I am doing a social media vacation till 7/24 as my pc is going in for some maintenance…ok I will still tweet and comment using my phone in the interim!

I’ll be back soon…


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