Month: August 2018

Back to School

school of rock

Ok, we still have a month of Summer officially and a week unofficially, and that signals another school year. I’m still teaching HR at Adelphi in their Business program. I’m completing my 8th year there. To be honest, I never thought I would be doing this as long as I have, but I truly enjoy teaching at the University level. I happen to think I am pretty good at it too. Don’t go by me, read my student evals and the fact that the University gave me the Teaching Excellence award for the whole University a few yrs. back.

I get asked often why I do it. Well in the beginning it was part fascination and part stretch for getting in front of a group of 3 dozen people and presenting for a couple hours each week. I thought it would help my presentation skills, which it has to some extent. I also thought it was important to give back to the next generation, specifically those thinking of entering the HR profession. HR has been good to me the past 2 decades, so I feel it is important to pay it back and forward to. Now that I have been doing it for a while it would feel strange if I didn’t have at least one class to keep me in the game. The bottom line is I enjoy it and how many folks can say they do something they enjoy and get paid for it, even if it is only a part-time gig?

Teaching as an adjunct has certainly been challenging at times. Adjuncts do not get grad assistants to help mark tests or homework. So there are times where I am deep into 30 research papers or projects. There also is the issue of how, as adjuncts, we are treated by our particular business school’s administration. The first 5 yrs. were great. We had the respect and support of our former Dean. Lately that has been a major challenge. We are often made to feel and treated as disposable workers.

As those of you who know and follow me are aware, this has been going on since the spring of 2017. The latest issue is the hiring of full-timers and reduction in part-time adjuncts. I won’t get into that today.  I have somehow survived the reductions for now and I am up for a senior adjunct designation change this semester…will see on that.

I have an undergrad class and a grad class this fall.  My undergrad class is the Intro to HR class required of every business student. I haven’t taught this in the past. Its usually the grad classes or Selection and Compensation classes undergrad. Teaching students, many of whom do not have much knowledge of HR, will be a challenge. Maybe one that comes at a good time for me to get rejuvenated. I have not been challenged with pushing my self outside my comfort zone that much recently. So I am actually looking forward to it.

Along with School, I am speaking at a couple of conferences including the NY State SHRM conference September 23 and 24th in Albany, NY and I am doing a DisruptHR talk in October on Long Island. I’ll be back to talk about them soon.

I’m still consulting too, doing some unique stuff. It will be a busy September will all these things converging. Busy is better then not busy…



It’s Time for HR to Embrace Data Analytics


My time at the #SHRM18 conference in June included a quick demo on Microsoft’s Data Analytics platform.  The timing was perfect as I am starting an online class on HR data analytics next week. At Adelphi University, where I teach graduate HR classes, we are diving into the Data Analytics world heavily. Especially in our HR area of the MBA program.

We have done some research with our recent graduates and discerned this is an area needing coursework and expertise. The problem is that all of us teaching in HR did not grow up with analytics in our vocabulary. So this is truly a learning experience for the professors as well.

The Microsoft Data Analytics platform is truly interesting. My concern was scaling software to meet small business needs. This has been a void in the HR software space in the past. Well pleasant surprise. Microsoft does cater to large scale data warehousing and ERP environments, however they also cater to small business too.

For those not in the know:

There software enables you to make informed decisions quickly with an easy to use front end. It also allows you to connect and explore your data with visual reports that you can collaborate, publish, and share. There software integrates with other tools, including Microsoft Excel, so you can get up to speed quickly and work seamlessly with your existing data files.

There is even a free version to get started with and a low cost solution for small businesses on a monthly subscription based. I’m talking a few dollars a month.

Of course it has a dashboard and it can be accessed on your phone or tablet. Most of us use Microsoft programs (Excel and Access) for simple data collection and manipulation. This software enables you to manipulate the information to a whole different level and allows you to make fact based decisions within your business.

As a novice I am going to troll around on the free software when I am done with taking my class.

I’m a fan of Microsoft, and have stayed with their products over the years (PC, Phone, Software) as I am most comfortable with the way they sync with each other and allow for ease of use for the non-techie…

I’ll be back to revisit this conversation in the fall and let you know how the class went. In the mean time if you are in HR you need to get on the analytics band wagon…