Day: October 1, 2018

Lets Make HR Sexy

DisruptHR-LI2.0_Fogel (002)

Yes, you heard me right. Lets Make HR Sexy is the title of my DisruptHR Long Island presentation. I will be doing the FAST 5 minute talk on October 11th at the Huntington Hilton on Long Island. Visit the DisruptHR website for ticket information if you would like to attend.

So why Sexy?

Well that is an easy one, because it is not and it needs to be. HR is one of the least desirable career choices for business school graduates. In fact it is what many refer to as a high default career choice. Meaning you start out doing something else.

It is also a profession criticized for being a dumping ground for those that cannot succeed in other areas of business….

Well we no this is not true, however it definitely needs a makeover…

So I hope to see you on the 11th to hear how to change the impression…

Lets bring Sexy back….to HR!