Let us make 2020 a Mulligan

I want to put 2020 behind us. In fact, let us go so far as to say we all need a “DO OVER” along with a  do different. In golf we refer to this as a Mulligan and rest assured I am an expert at Mulligans with a 19 handicap.

For those who do not know a Mulligan is a do over of a shot. Many golfers take one or even two or three in a round. What if we could take a Mulligan on work in 2020. Let us tee it up again and hit a different  shot. What would you do or do differently now that we are about to emerge from one of the most challenging years in the past century?

Time at work policies: How about we start by looking at our attendance policies, specifically for exempt work. Do we need to work a fixed schedule? Do we need to work Monday to Friday? Does any of it matter anymore? Who cares if you start at 7a.m. and take a two hour break mid-day to take a run? What if working on Saturday or Sunday is more efficient or effective or you are a night owl and 10pm is when you first kick it into 5th gear.

Meetings and meeting culture: Do you remember when you chatted with colleagues for 5 minutes before the meeting started? Do you set aside social time on ZOOM? Should you? I would argue yes. The water cooler is now a jpg. Sitting behind you on the screen, but we are social animals and we still need to have a little small talk. We need to build socialization back into the workday.

Leadership engagement: What is that? Well since March of 2020 we have not seen much if any. Leaders need to step back up and back in to engaging folks.

Recruiting: We have now been totally online for a year. Do we really need to go back to live interviews till maybe the last one? I do not know on this one. Food for thought and I will let the talent folks weigh in.

Work/Life Balance: Many in the HR space have worked more during COVID then prior. Others have had their personal time invaded. One of my best friends shares that he often takes calls up until 10pm at night as employees think that since you are working from home your available all the time. On the flip side many of us have added back hours a day without commuting. On a personal note, my pickleball game is now at a 4.0 rating (that’s pretty good intermediate plus) because of having extra time in the morning. Some days last summer and fall I was out on the court at 6:30am and home by 8:30 to start my day. What do we do next with work/life?

It was exactly a year ago this week that I watched the NBA and college basketball shut down in a 24-hr. period to which the country followed. I watched St. Johns and Creighton locked in a tight Big East tournament game cancelled at half-time and the domino effect of almost everything shutting down there after.

Life is interesting that after wildfires forests grow back, after tornadoes people rebuild, and after COVID we start anew. How we do it is up to us. Will we learn an adapt?

The March madness draw gets announced tonight. They will be playing with 68 teams although with different logistics. College sports are adapting, how about you?

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