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Whats Next….Part 2


So, my news is that I am moving on from Signium USA as of May 1. I will continue to keep a relationship with the organization if you need Executive Search assistance, however all of my HR consulting services will be handled through Human Capital 3.0 and my partnerships for Learning, Development, and Training will be with Improving Communications and HR Jetpack.

Signium has been a great business relationship with awesome retained search capabilities on a global basis over the past 3 years. However, it is time for me to focus primarily on what I do best…Human Resources!

So, I am turning the page and moving forward with myself at the helm.  I will still maintain a relationship with Signium on an ad-hoc basis. if you need retained search assistance anywhere in the world, Signium is well equipped to assist. Additionally, their Human Capital leadership group is well staffed to handle large and complex Human Capital programs internationally and I will continue to be a partner to any project to large for me to handle with my team at  HC3.

With that said, I am going to concentrate on programs and services that I know and do best: Talent and Performance Management, building and fixing HR processes and protocols, Training and Development creation and delivery. That’s my sweet spot! And it only makes sense… for myself, my team, and my clients…

I will be back soon to let you know how its going…. hope your all having a great 2019!!!


#SHRM19 Vegas Style



I am off to Vegas in a few weeks for SHRM19. I will be blogging again, but sitting on the sidelines for presentations this yr. At first I was feeling a little empty, but I have done my duty on Stage over the yrs. I have no tour this year, just a couple of sporadic appearances..The biggest one is this summer for SHRM Long Island at their annual breakfast mtg. And there may be one or two more before the yr. is out.

I’m a little dry on new material so being out at a couple of conferences and HR events should help in recharging the creative batteries.

This yrs. event will be interesting as I have now become somewhat of a veteran as a blogger. I know exactly where and when the action occurs and I easily edit out much of the noise and distractions. That will be a little more challenging in Vegas as there are so many distractions. For those first timers, don’t fret. It is important to have a plan, at least for 50% of the time. I suggest scheduling 2 speakers plus the main speaker each morning. Also try to do a 7am on Monday as Monday night and Tuesday night tend to run pretty late. Leave time Monday afternoon for the exhibit hall, its quieter then the rest of the time, also you can catch some smart stage presentations while there. It is also a good time to grab all your swag and drag it back to the hotel before night activities.

I am scheduling some down time Tuesday after the morning speaker to ensure I am up to date on business stuff and maybe even a quick nap…trust me on this one. Also bring extra comfy shoes…its a lot of walking….

I will be filling you all in on some interesting speakers and behind the curtain stuff as we get closer….One last thing…water, lots of water during the day…

Bet you already knew that…

I will be back to dish a little more in a couple of weeks…till then please continue to follow me on Fistfuloftalent, Workology, and of course the SHRM Blog…


Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas at #SHRM19


I will be back this year at the #SHRM annual conference in Las Vegas. For the first time in a while as a spectator and blogger only. I have been a speaker at the last 5 annuals that I have attended, so this will feel and be a little weird. Not as weird as Raoul Duke or Dr. Gonzo on drugs, but weird and of course it is Vegas….

This year I will be focused on blogging and tweeting from the peanut gallery, with some business development activities related to my different work streams (HC3, Improving Communications Inc., and HR Jetpack, to name a few)…one good thing is it is after Father’s Day weekend this year!

It will certainly be a different vibe as many of my HR peeps in the social media sphere are taking a pass on the conference. This is in part due to the ongoing debate about SHRM’s leadership and their relationships to President Trump and the Koch brothers as well as SHRM’s position on certain legislation….I see both sides, but it takes money and media attention to build an organization to the level SHRM aspires to be at…so no one should be surprised and of course we all protest and push back in different ways…I am playing Switzerland for now, an unusual position for me to take…but its an unusual year and certain to be a different vibe from any conferences in the past…you can read about it on … One positive is there are a slew of my HR friends that will be there and I can’t wait to see them all and catch up. I will also get to see more of the conference then years past as I won’t be in prep mode for delivering content.

I don’t have an agenda yet, but I am sure it will be robust…I’ll be back to discuss this more in depth as the date gets closer…if your going drop me a line…see you in Vegas!

All Is Pleasant in Pleasantville


And Then They fixed it….

Just a quick note from the peanut gallery. My situation at Adelphi has finally been resolved. At least for now. My promotion to Sr. Adjunct was made retro to the beginning of last semester. The new head of HR and new Provost lived up to their word to make it right….It actually was resolved a few weeks ago…just forgot to mention it in a follow up to an earlier post…

There is hope…And I have a full slate of courses for Spring 19 and a summer school class too. All Is pleasant in Pleasantville. For now….

The Road Ahead in 2019


It’s that time again to layout my plans for the coming year. Last year I talked about my busy conference schedule and last HR Jedi tour, which took me to 7 different cities and a dozen presentations. I also talked about my writing and a little bit about my work and personal. All in all 2018 was an o.k. year.

2019 hopefully will be a whole lot better. I will be doing a lot of training and teaching. I have classes at Adelphi, the SHRM certification prep course with HR Jetpack, and significant project work with Improving Communications where I plan to take on a prominent role as their HR Jedi Master (that’s a fancy way of saying I will be their senior HR practice leader)  . My focus is all things HR and the course work covers a wide range of topics from harassment and inclusion to analytics and critical thinking programs.

I am taking a break from presenting. At least for the first half of the year. With that said, I still  plan to do a couple of SHRM guest speaker spots at local chapter meetings another DisruptHR, and I am sure to do some popups on other folks webinars, podcasts, and Facebook live broadcasts…So I won’t be totally off the grid…just a little further at the fringes.

I continue to write for Fistful of Talent, SHRM and most recently Workology. I am as feisty as ever and  still occasionally controversial. My work will continue to get re-posted from time to time on the carnival of HR, and I may even take a hosting slot for the carnival in 2019. I am also investigating the launching of a podcast…stay tuned on this topic…..and possibly doing some quick videos in a fun format too.

I’m open for new business projects as well. If you are in need of assistance in any aspect of HR, please drop me a note.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention that my one non-business goal for 2019 is to shoot under 100 more then over in my golf game…we will see on that one….

Well I gotta go get ready for a busy 2019…I hope you all have a great yr.!!!

The Litmus Test for CEO’s Who Say They Value Their People

litmus test (002) (1)

I have a simple test to see if CEOs practice what they preach. Does their Head of HR report directly to them or to someone else? If they report to the COO — or even worse– their CFO, it is a red flag.

If you’re a candidate, it’s a great 15-second test to see if the business you are contemplating joining really cares about “its most important resource”. If you work in HR, it’s the pass/fail question before you join the firm you are interviewing with.

So, let’s dig in to this litmus test.

But before we begin, I have a question that I don’t know the answer to. If you look at all the businesses on the various “Best Company to Work For” lists, what percentage have their HR functions reporting to the top dog? I would love to know and wonder if this is even analyzed by the various companies compiling the data and awarding companies their designations.

Well, back to my main point for today. If a CEO truly believes their people are their most important asset, then it would naturally follow that their most senior HR executive would be a critical, if not most important staff member. Well, in some cases the argument might go that the CFO is the most important player on a senior executive’s team. Others may argue they are of equal importance. I would be okay with that last option along with the first.

I won’t bore you with my full theory on this except to say that you typically spend the most dollars in your budget on your people, and your company’s performance is typically dependent on your staff’s performance and creativity. Let’s not complicate this argument, it is a simple one.

I have personally headed HR at two major organizations where I reported directly and sat literally next to the CEO, and had complete 24×7 access. Both businesses made those “Best Company” lists and were people centric. My personal perspective is supported by what I have experienced and maybe I am biased.

But, so many companies that claim their folks are their most important asset don’t practice what they preach. I bet most of them do not have senior HR execs on their CEO’s hip.

So, what do you think and what is your perspective? Inquiring minds would like to know…and would love to see some data on this….

*This first appeared on the SHRM Blog 9/17/17….click here to see it…

Apology Not Accepted

apologynot accepted

So the recent events for me at Adelphi continue to get stranger and stranger. The good news is that I got promoted to Senior Adjunct…finally. The bad news, well lets just say the rest of this post is dedicated to that.

So here is the back story…

I was referred for promotion to Sr. Adjunct this past spring. It is a title and position created for tenured faculty that do no not want to retire fully, just teach part-time. It grants rights to classes ahead of all other part-time faculty. The loop-hole is that it is also open to Adjunct faculty to get promoted. There is a specific number of slots available, so even if qualified there needs to be an open slot. As a part-timer it is considered prestigious to be a senior as it grants first rights to classes available that have been taught in the past, ahead of all other adjuncts. It also pays a little more per class.

In the business school there has not been a senior role in over 3 decades and the last person to hold this was a faculty member who had spent their entire teaching career at Adelphi.

To make a long story a little shorter, the paperwork (which was excessive) was put in mid semester in the spring of last school year. It took me a couple of weeks and involved about 10 hours of work and about a dozen separate files, including every syllabus from every class I have taught at the university, examples of tests, student evals…well you get the idea. Then it sat with no action for close to 6 months. Of course I made multiple inquiries, to no avail. I honestly don’t know if it was apathy, lack of importance, dislike for me or what was being proposed, or maybe they just didn’t know how to proceed.

Then in the beginning of this semester there was a mad rush to evaluate and complete the process. Only no one had ever done a faculty peer review on me. So they did immediately (actually the same week requested).

Then there was a faculty retreat for the business school and a faculty mtg. all strung together the same day the following week (early September), which all the adjuncts were invited too. Except we weren’t…well I’m talking about the faculty meeting. Three of us were rudely asked to leave by the Dean. Lets just say that lack of professionalism is an understatement…Oh and I was also informed the Dean asked the dept. chairperson if I was qualified to be an adjunct at the school during the faculty meeting I was removed from. Are you kidding me? The scary thing is that I have more business experience in the C-suite then any full-time faculty member except for the 2 clinical Instructors promoted at the same time. Oh, I forgot to mention I have been teaching Grad classes for close to a decade too…

I know un-F’ing believable.

So we left the meeting abruptly as a couple of fellow faculty and staff asked why we were leaving and then received apologies from a couple of sincere administrators who didn’t know what to do as we exited the meeting room. We didn’t know what to do either, so we left instead of facing a potential verbal face-off with the Dean.

The follow-up was a series of communications to the Union, the Provost office, and even HR.  It’s now 6 weeks later and although told an apology is forthcoming…none has come as of my writing this post…

And here is the craziest part of this conversation. The by-laws of the university state all faculty are welcome at faculty meetings. Maybe the Dean is ignorant or can’t read. Or maybe he is shrewd and has gotten away with this for the past two years. a few of us attended the next mtg. without a formal invite too. It caused some looks from a few faculty and an abrupt statement welcoming us from the Dean after being chastised by the Director of the Union in the hallway 3 minutes earlier.

In any event there has been no apology…so this is my way of accepting the Non-Apology from the Dean…

Oh, and to top it off they made my promotion effective in 2019…that’s over 3 months after being officially notified.

In all my years in HR, I never saw a promotion with a 97 day delay effective date. I might contact the Guinness Book of World Records on that. But seriously, is that how you promote someone, with a 97 day delay…and the reason is???

Boy, talk about making me feel good about the whole thing….or not….you can’t make this stuff up.

Oh, I am still waiting for the Dean to apologize to the three of us for asking us to leave the meeting. I won’t bother with the apology for disrespecting me by questioning my background.

I will keep you informed on how this all turns out.

For those HR folks out there, this is food for thought. How would you react to an employee that was mistreated during a promotion process? A real life case study in Human Relations…