What is Your Expiration Date?

Best before

The Eli Manning benching last week got me thinking. Everyone has an expiration date. Job and Life.

I do not want to be morbid, so lets stick to work.

Most of us think we can go on forever in our current jobs or maybe just our vocation. Recently I have started to question this. Eli Manning put in almost 14 seasons at QB for the Giants and then getting benched got me thinking. Maybe we saw it coming and just ignored the signals. He certainly still has a few miles left on the tires.  We know the fall out  of his situation and the folks who were fired today. Maybe he gets a second chance. Not all of us are so lucky.

As the eternal optimist I don’t want to believe in expiration dates, however they exist and we should always plan for the inevitable.

I will be back in 2018 to explore this further…food for thought.


Happy Thanksgiving


Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving!


The “Last HR Jedi” Conference Tour 2018


The clock is ticking, I have been doing HR at the edge for close to 2 decades. So I have decided that I will go ON TOUR in 2018 and spread my special brand of HR Attitude with the masses across the country.

I have been blogging  as well as speaking at conferences regionally, nationally and around the globe, sharing my views, experiences and knowledge on a variety of pressing and current HR issues for more than a decade. I am an old HR Jedi by most everyone’s standards. Maybe even the last of my generation. Some in the HR inner circle have even referred to me recently as “The Last HR JEDI”.

Some how I keep going, although you can see and sometimes read the wear and tear I have incurred the past few years.

Recently I  have had a bit of resurgence on the Fistfuloftalent.com website. It seems a few folks still want to hear my musings. So for the near term, I will continue to post there, along with  SHRM National’s blog and an occasional post over at Recruiting Daily. This is in addition to noting positive attendee’s  reviews on my “Money Ball for the Talent Function”, “Darkside of HR”, and “HR and Finance a Pivotal Relationship”  presentations across the country the past two years.

My discussions and rants on baby boomers and qualified workers has definitely stirred the pot recently. So have my musings on HR being more assertive with senior management. I have found that my presentations at conferences have been the best way for me to share my view points, so I will be doing ” The Last HR Jedi Tour” at major events in 2018. Think of it as a rock band’s encore tour after 20 yrs on the road and in the studio.

If you are interested in catching a SHOW, here is the initial lineup with more dates and venues to be added in coming weeks:

The Last HR Jedi Tour 2018:

March 13 – Washington DC: SHRM Legislative conference  – Decisions, Decisions, Who’s Side Do You Take When Senior Management Breaks the Law?  

April 16 – Las Vegas, Nevada:  SHRM Talent Management conference The Performance Review Dilemma. To Continue, Change or Eliminate – What’s an HR Practitioner to Do?

April 17 – Las Vegas, Nevada: SHRM Talent Management conferenceCatching the Next Wave, Embracing A.I. and the Digital Revolution in Your Recruitment Processes

June 18 – Chicago, Illinois: SHRM Annual Conference and Exhibition –   MEGA SESSION The Performance Review Dilemma. To Continue, Change or Eliminate – What’s an HR Practitioner to Do?

June 19 – Chicago, Illinois: SHRM Annual Conference and ExhibitionSMART STAGE The Empire Strikes Back, The Dark Side of HR Part 2

Stay tuned for additional tour dates.

Wishing all a happy and safe Thanksgiving!






Happy Halloween!


That’s my great nephew Mason. He is a Super hero for sure. It’s great to be 2yrs. old on Halloween. In fact it is great to be a child of any age on Halloween.

For me, I will be giving out candy with my side kick Max the wonderdog. In between I will be trying to get some work done and hope to catch game 6 of the World Series.

Happy Halloween to all!!!



A Quick Update From the Practice Field


I have been busy on the Fistful of Talent and SHRM blogs lately and unfortunately neglecting my own site. So for those who follow me, here is a quick update:

I am at the Mid Hudson Valley, NY  SHRM conference on Thursday 10/26 and then at the Paylocity User conference on 11/2 in Chicago. I am doing my Money Ball for the Talent Function Presentation at both. This is an encore of my SHRM national presentation this past June in New Orleans.

I am also already confirmed for the SHRM Legislative conference in Washington DC March 2018 and the SHRM Talent Management conference in April 2018. I will post specifics in a few weeks but feel free to visit the SHRM.org conference site for details.  It will be fresh content for both conferences and I am working diligently on the presentations for both. I will also be doing some blogging for SHRM at the spring conferences….

I am currently doing some project work for two businesses, however I am looking for new engagements as we enter the 4th quarter of the year. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me to discuss how HC3 can assist you.

Finally, Golf season is coming to an end, but my tennis group is going strong thru the winter months. I suffered  a minor injury to my right eye the other night while playing tennis and am sporting a purple Shiner. The medical staff sais I will recover and don’t expect to miss any time on “IR”.

Well that’s about it for now, stay tuned and please feel free to follow me on twitter @HC3

Don’t Apologize, Just Fix It…


One of my favorite “Markisms” is the statement: “don’t apologize, just fix it”. I wrote about this a few weeks ago on this blog. Apologies that is.

So today’s rant is a little bit of closure and a little bit of wishful thinking regarding my University issues all wrapped up in a nice little bow. My meeting with the President at the University finally happened after 8 months. I will say that she ascribes to a similar position like my own, not quite an apology, but certainly an acknowledgement of bad process and some mistakes. She spoke at 50,000 feet for the most part, however did come down to street level with some brutally honest assessment and commenting  on organizational weaknesses and the need to fix them. So I give her a B+/A- for the late mia culpa, and an “A” for transparency and awareness that the issues are bigger than most were aware of just a few months ago. It takes a little humbleness to stare someone down and admit weaknesses and mistakes, even if their was no remedy for me personally on the micro issues that I dealt with this past spring.

The Provost, Associate Provost and Executive Director of the Union were present and just by the audience it was obvious this was no casual chat. We made some real progress for the adjuncts at the University in that there is now an awareness that there are some big issues as well as power in numbers in presenting a unified front in the future. For that I will take a back seat and let others share the  stage of engaging administration. I did my part and safe to say I was on my best behavior too. Aside from a few lite barbs there were no insideary comments…

It felt a little like datente in the UN….

So lets just say I am moving on and hope they are to. More importantly I have their word that they will work to FIX some things…no apologies…and we will be back to see if they practice what they preach.

Over 50, Should I be Blogging or Playing Golf?


Sometimes I wonder if I should hang up my cleats on blogging and just play golf. Yes, I am over 50 yrs. old and one of the older bloggers in the HR space. It’s my 10th anniversary blogging and maybe my time has come and gone?

To set the record straight, I have been blogging since 2007. In fact, this is a 10-yr. anniversary for me. Thanks to Laurie Ruettimann  (Punk Rock HR, Cynical Girl and her own name), Penelope Trunk (Brazeen Careerist and her own name) and Kris Dunn (HR Capitalist and Fistfuloftalent) I was inspired to try my hand at blogging. I was at Leviton in 2007 and Dina Anzalone, my new HR manager was charged by me with starting a social media presence at Leviton. I had stumbled on Penelope’s blog back then and her musings on the startup of the Brazeen Careerist website. We signed on as a Beta company and were one of the first businesses to have employees contribute content to the site. We took out a small advertising package for recruiting support and Dina along with a few employees wrote content for them. Back then I had dinner 4 or 5 times with Penelope whenever she would come to New York City. I would take her to dinner and pick her brains. She was the ultimate in Disruption before anyone coined the phrase. I thought she was the coolest Entrepreneur. She was so Raw and transparent. I learned a lot from those few interactions. She was and is still someone that I look up to for inspiration.

I also read Laurie’s blog religiously, eventually getting the courage to post comments on her sites. Laurie and I eventually became friends and would catch up in person at conferences and I even had her do some consulting along with Robin Schooling while I was at Success Academy. Laurie was also 5 yrs. ahead of the curve.

Reading Laurie’s blog led me to other sites including FOT and Kris’s personal blog. Never would I have imagined that a few years later I would be a regular contributor on FOT. Kris was another trailblazer that is an incredible writer with great insight to the HR community. Folks including Jessica Lee, Paul Herbert, Kelly Dingee, Maren Hogan and Jen McClure were some of the early folks on the site. They were all fantastic bloggers, raw and hard hitting. Eventually I got the courage to start a blog on the google platform for free. Part journal and part brain fart, it was a mish mosh of my thoughts and experiences.

As I worked out the kinks, Laurie even spent some time one afternoon with me on the phone way back when offering suggestions. She probably doesn’t remember but it was an important event for me. One thing she said back then was “just write”, she told me the more I write the better I will get.

It was the most profound yet obvious advice I have ever taken in and acted on over the past decade.

As my blogging progressed I mustered the courage to reach out to John Hollon, who at the time was the editor and chief at TLNT, another one of my favorite sites. John gave me a shot and published several articles of mine over the years. He was always brutally honest with me, occasionally rejecting content, offering suggestions and a champion for me as I continued to progress in my writing for professional publications.

There have been others that have influenced me greatly since my early days. Tim Sackett, Robin Schooling, Sharyln Lauby, and the list could go on. They might be surprised to read this in a blog post, but they were instrumental…

Although I have a great sense of humor my writing never quite got to the level of funny. I am a serious topic writer that has just a sprinkle of snarky and sarcasm sprinkled in. It used to bother and upset me that I didn’t have that gift like Tim or Kris or even Laurie. But I found my own unique voice and am continually learning to fine tune it. Yes, I am the “HR with an Attitude” guy and proud of it.

Over the past 10 years my writing has appeared in numerous national and international publications. In print and on-line. Places like SHRM, World at Work, HR Executive magazine, TLNT, ADP, and numerous other industry publications have printed my thoughts and musings…This has wrapped around my national conference presentations and being quoted in a multitude of online and print publications as well as television and radio spots locally and nationally.

So now I am at an inflection point in my career and life. I am no longer the C-Suite HR dude and my writing as well as conference presentations (discussion for another day) have had a great run.

Many of my colleagues have suggested hanging up my writing cleats for something less controversial. For me that would-be golf where I have finally broken the 3-digit score barrier on a regular basis. Last week I shot 97 and 93 on two challenging courses!

I must admittedly mull it over but in the interim I will continue to write and speak, and provoke, agitate, and hopefully spur discussion and dialogue.

I am not ready to hang it up just yet….I think I can continue to do both at least for a little bit longer!

Time will tell….