Are HR Folks Double Agents?


A recent Tech crunch article titled: HR has lost the trust of employees. Here is who has it now by Danny Crichton this weekend is creating lots of buzz in the HR and Talent space for good reason.

It suggests transparency for the inner workings of your organization… by passing over HR altogether.  The relatively new App called Blind is the culprit. The concept is to anonymously discuss issues outside the line of site of your HR team…

The article provides a compelling argument on the role and motives of your HR function in dealing with Employee Issues. Are they Double Agents???

Fact or Fiction???

Here are a couple of snippets:

 Crichton states:

The obvious reality is that HR has never been “your friend.” Rather, it is an important component of a company’s legal strategy to document and mitigate any potential lawsuits that might arise from its employees, contractors, or anyone else who may interact with the firm. Occasionally, that mission might align with friendliness: HR may defuse a fight between two colleagues both to prevent legal troubles as well as to make the workplace more productive.


Few apps have had as much of an impact on workplace communications as Blind, an anonymous social network of current company employees and alums. The app, which was founded in South Korea roughly five years ago, was first launched in the US in late 2015, and since then has seen tremendous success in building footprints at some of the largest and most important American companies.

From its homepage, the company says that it has more than 37,000 users from Microsoft, 20,000 users from Amazon and 8,600 users from Google, as well as employees from more than 3,000 other companies on its platform today (at least signed up). While the app spans industries, the tech industry remains the company’s DNA, as the founding team came from Naver, the South Korean search and content giant.

What do you think?

Is this the beginning of a shift in Workplace communication or just another momentary blip on the radar screen??? What impact will this have on the role of HR in the future? 




Now That Football Is Over, What do I do with my Sundays?


It is that time of year again. The time between Superbowl Sunday and the start of March Madness. For those not in the know, selection Sunday is March 11th this year. That is a few weeks away. Five weeks to be exact….

It is the one time of year without and serious sports to watch unless you are a die hard and enjoy late season basketball and hockey, or spring training baseball.

For me it is time to get caught up on both personal and professional stuff. A free 5 weekends without good weather to explore the outdoors. This yr. I will be prepping 2 conferences that I will be speaking at: the SHRM Legislative in DC March 12-14 and SHRM Talent in Vegas 5 weeks later. I also have to put together 2 midterm exams for classes I am teaching at Adelphi.

Maybe I will get a movie or two in as well. Maybe I will be tormented.

Hope your being productive or at least not tormented.

I can’t wait for Baseball Season to start….

Don’t Believe Everything You Read, Even on HR Websites


We have heard the saying a million times: “Don’t believe everything you read”. Or maybe it is don’t believe everything you hear. In any event, verbal or visual, with the advent of social media and 24-hour cable news, we are bombarded with a smorgasbord of “news” on demand. And how do we know if we are getting the whole story or the true story. One can look at the last presidential election and the controversy over fake new on sites including Facebook as an example.

For me the real conversation is not so much fake news, but real news. It seems that every news outlet regardless of their political affiliations all have taken to editorializing and spinning their position into their reporting. For me, news should come unfiltered, or as close to unfiltered as possible. I am not sure that is even possible anymore. Opinion and spin is part of every spec of media we consume today.

Take this past week’s National Football League playoffs as an example. I heard the radio play by play for a couple of last minute plays that determined the outcomes. Depending on whether you were listening to a Philadelphia, Atlanta, New Orleans, or Minneapolis station, your reporting of the same exact last second plays all sounded so different. Maybe we should call it reporter bias or home team bias and the after-game reporting was spun 100 different ways…

Most of us were influenced by the way each game was reported. This is played out hundreds of times each week with the commentary of the news we consume, whether it be TV, radio, web or even print for the few old schoolers like me that still like a physical newspaper or magazine to read.

The reporter in many cases has become as important as the story itself. We have all come to have our own favorite narrators of our daily information. I am as guilty as any of us. I like Anderson Cooper and Chris Cuomo on CNN. I also like Tucker Carlson on Fox and Bryant Gumball on HBO Real Sports. Except for Gumball, they each spin the news of the day in a certain direction. Sometimes my views are biased by their points of view. I also have my favorite bloggers and websites for HR and Talent information. I won’t mention any one person, however I read my colleagues pieces religiously on the other sites I write for.

So, this leads me to HR news and social media specifically. For the most part I believe the access to unbiased HR news is sorely lacking. There are certainly some great bloggers out there and I respect most of them for their view points and brevity in discussing issues publicly. But let’s be honest, they are not news or HR news reporters. We, and they, are editorial writers at best and critics at worst. Of the few magazines in the field out there, most are either a year behind the curve of innovation or tainted by being the underdog desperately trying to find an audience. So as a result many of us rely on blogs for our HR content. Maybe that is a mistake. The Jury is out on this, at least for me.

For the few talent and HR practitioners that are at the front of the curve, they need to rely on their own networks or a couple of sites like or HR Executive Magazine and Workforce. I hope this changes in the future. I love reading and writing blog posts, but they are not always the best source of new information. Just commentary and catch up on it…..I hope we serve our own population better in the future.

It is a new year, you never know….


The Road Ahead – 2018


Welcome back from your year-end holidays! It is time to move forward, personally and professionally.

Let’s be honest, we are all tired of new year’s resolutions and recaps… So am I. So instead of predictions and propaganda, I will be bringing you challenges and ideas to execute on for months and years to come.

Many of you already follow me on and the SHRM blog. I am also now doing features on Each approximately once a month. I will also continue to bring you my own special brand of HR with an Attitude right here on the Humancapital3 blog. I know I had thoughts and musings about stopping on this site this past year, however there still seems to be interest in purely unedited viewpoints (although recruiting daily and FOT really leave my content alone except for minor grammar and SHRM limits changes to my imagery).

For a live interaction, I hope to see some of you while I am out on my “Last HR Jedi Tour” this spring and summer. For the most up to date schedule, please check my website or follow me on  Twitter at #HC3 or  LinkedIn.  I have 5 presentations confirmed and am working on 2 more.

My focus for the winter is transparancy, as I believe that is at the center of dealing with many of the HR and Talent hot topics and issues many of you are facing.

I will be back to expand on this in future posts, here and on my feature sites. Till then welcome back  and get to work!!!

New for 2018


It has been a busy few weeks leading up to the end of the year. I have been doing pre-hire behavioral assessments as well as conducting Behavioral interview training.

As we enter the new year I want to remind my followers to feel free to reach out to me with your HR and Talent needs. The new year is the perfect time to reassess and move forward on your most pressing challenges. feel free to reach out to discuss how I can be of assistance.

Have a great Holiday season!!!

What is Your Expiration Date?

Best before

The Eli Manning benching last week got me thinking. Everyone has an expiration date. Job and Life.

I do not want to be morbid, so lets stick to work.

Most of us think we can go on forever in our current jobs or maybe just our vocation. Recently I have started to question this. Eli Manning put in almost 14 seasons at QB for the Giants and then getting benched got me thinking. Maybe we saw it coming and just ignored the signals. He certainly still has a few miles left on the tires.  We know the fall out  of his situation and the folks who were fired today. Maybe he gets a second chance. Not all of us are so lucky.

As the eternal optimist I don’t want to believe in expiration dates, however they exist and we should always plan for the inevitable.

I will be back in 2018 to explore this further…food for thought.